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The Fibrom-L Buddy List

The purpose of this list is to provide people without support (family, friends, etc.) to find someone in their local area and/or state who would be willing to offer such support.  Many of the folks on the Buddy List are already in support systems but are willing to provide it for others.  At a minimum, an exchange of emergency information should include who to call if you are not responding or appear to be in trouble.

The suggested general types of information you should give to your Fibro Buddy would be: Your Name, Address, City, State, Phone Number, Your Place of Employment and Telephone Number(s), Name of Neighbor or Relative in the Town/City you reside and their phone number(s), Emergency Medical Numbers including the Local Hospital and Non-Emergency Police Department Number.  Additional information might include medications you are taking and the name(s) and telephone number(s) of your Physician(s).

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