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Pain Patient's Bill of Rights

You have a right to:

-Have your pain prevented or controlled adequately

-Have your pain and pain medication history taken

-Ask how much pain to expect and how long it might last

-Have your pain questions answered freely

-Develop a pain plan with your doctor

-Know what medication, treatment, or anesthesia will be given

-Know the risks, benefits, and side effects of treatment

-Know what alternative pain treatments may be available

-Sign a statement of informed consent before any treatment

-Be believed when you say you have pain

-Have your pain assessed on an individual basis

-Have your pain assessed using the 0=no pain/10=worst pain scale

-Ask for changes in treatments if your pain persists

-Compassionate and sympathetic care

-Receive pain medication on a timely basis

-Refuse treatment without prejudice from your doctor

-Seek a second opinion or request a pain care specialist

-Your records upon request

-Include family in decision making

Remind those who care for you that pain management is part of your diagnostic, medical, or surgical care.

- 1992 Jane Cowles, Ph.D. -

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